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This test roll took a bit longer than expected to complete. A roll of long expired Solaris 200 was used to test the Pentax MZ-S I bought some weeks ago … paired with an old Pentax F 50mm f1.7 lens. This has been the SLR I’ve long wanted and eventually I gave up on the search for an affordable silver one and settled for a black version.

The autofocus makes it easier for my old eyes but I tend to get too trigger happy when things get too easy. LOL. Of course most of these are super random shots … as I had only limited time to test out the camera (the previous owner gave me a short personal warranty). Good thing is the camera was just serviced, cleaned and had the shutter replaced not long ago and I’m sure it will last me a long long time.

Next … I’m gonna load a roll of black & white film … for more fun with film these coming weekend. Did you say it is only Monday???!!! 🙁 I’ve about 10 more shots to go in my La Sardina and I think I better finish shooting it before loading another roll into this SLR then.

I’m loving my MZ-S! I’ll try my luck in the used camera shops when I’m in Tokyo in November. Hopefully I’ll be able to find the silver version at an affordable price.


  1. Very nice…

  2. @Ta : Thanks 🙂

  3. Oh, now I want one of these! *camera envy* 😉 Guess my Minolta X-370n will have to do, for now.. Untill I will get very rich one day!

  4. @Oda : You don’t have to be very rich to own one of these. It is the silver version one that costs an arm and a leg and maybe a liver and an ear. Lol.

  5. glad to see it in good hands. truly the best AF film SLR that Pentax has produced.

  6. @hellfire88 : Thanks. The manual you sent me sure helped. The many functions … I am still confused. Lol

  7. particularly nice group for just test shots!
    Did you see the new new sardina 8-ball? Love the minimialist design!

  8. @Erik : Thank you. Yeah I saw the 8-ball Sardina and it sure looks hell handsome! I was a little tempted to get it but looking at the few Sardinas I have … and another look at my wallet … I have to give it a miss. 🙁