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RX100 Skinned

Probably the only ‘problem’ I find with the Sony DSC-RX100 … the way too slippery matt black surface of the camera body. Maybe it is just my fat clumsy fingers but I sure wished it has some form of rubber/leather skin to make holding it easier. Of course to be safe … I always use a wrist strap with it. I saw some shots (here in Singapore) selling some skins (not sure if they are leather or rubber though) but from the photos I saw (of the cam and skin) … it looks a bit ugly. Could be just the photos but I didn’t wanna risk wasting (I think) about S$30 on them.

Leather skin from Aki-Asahi

A simple Google brought me to Aki-Asahi … an online store in Japan selling leather skins for many cameras. I’ve bought stuffs from them before … for the LC-A+ and another camera and I didn’t think twice about ordering one for the RX100 from them. I didn’t want anything too colorful or fancy, so the embosed black lizard skin was my choice. A week later … the skin arrived through registered mail and in the package … the skin I ordered as well as a thin (and pretty ugly pinkish) piece of skin for you to test/practice attaching to the camera.

As I was pretty confident it will be an easy task … I didn’t bother to practice with the extra skin and in minutes … the cool black skin is fitted properly and now it gives not only a better look to the RX100 … but a much better grip to it.

If you own a RX100 … I’d definitely suggest you pick one of these up. You won’t regret it! 😀 No … they didn’t pay or sponsor me to say this. 😛

Oh if you are wondering why my RX100 looks a little different from those you see (apart from the skin) … I’ve blackened the striking white ‘SONY’ in front … and made the other wordings on the lens barrel much darker. Few other prints on top of the camera has also been darkened a little … and all those were done with the help of a super fine tip permanent marker. Guess I’m getting a bit too crazy with blacking out white text on cameras since I did it on my X-Pro1. 😛

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