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Had an awesome time at the Books & Music Week concert organized by the childcare that Fitzand attends. This is the 2nd year he is participating in it and I was impressed by the efforts the teachers put in … to train and organise the entire performance. This year … instead of various individual performances, they did a play based on the children’s book ‘The Giving Tree’. What impressed me was … the cast was from the 2 different centres … and they were able to train the kiddos and then on this actual day … combining the performances into one single play.

Fitzand was the younger version of the tree and was the first to appear on stage … alone! I noticed that he looked a little worried and that got me super worried too. Thank God the little Power Ranger managed to stay cool and managed to complete his performance today. Yeah … I got him some Ninjago toys as a reward. 😀

This one (above) is the finale when he got to remove his head gear. It must have been a big ‘phew!!!’ for him as he was probably getting all frustrated being all ‘wrapped up’. Hahaha!

He actually woke me up at 7:45am and while I was still trying to open my eyes … he threw his fist into the air and shouted excitedly … ‘performance!!!’. Guess he has been looking forward to this day for a while now. His teacher told me he has been counting down (to today) for a couple of weeks already.

While waiting for his next turn to perform … the little tree took a rest and got the teachers a little worried as he missed a cue for a short while. He bounced back into action seconds later. Maybe he was taking a nap … look hard (photo above) … and that might be the evidence! Lol.

All these photos were taken using the X-Pro1 that I ‘uglified’ today. Lost a few photos (out of focus!) but then I expected that when I decided to use it instead of a DSLR today. It just ain’t good for such moving subjects. Oh … the first photo in this entry was taken with the RX100. Not bad eh? 😀 I wasn’t planning on taking many photos today … since they had a photographer and videographer available. I snapped these to cure my trigger happy itch.

I just can’t wait to see the video from this performance. I can imagine sitting down with Fitzand and see him laughing at himself again. Muwahahaha! When I told him he looked cool in that tree costume … the told me ‘No … I look like a makcik!’. ‘Makcik’ means ‘aunty’ in the Malay language. Hahaha! Yeah he picks up some Malay words too. 😀



  1. wow….nice but then he should take on a more bubbly character instead of a tree. So far I cannot trusted those paid photographer or videographer maybe because of the experiences of those underpaid quality. But then again I do miss some parts of the performance while running about for shots….

  2. Honestly the photos are quite crappy that even my daughter’s form-teacher claimed that they are bad too….for example the photo is slanted when taking a group photo, people get cropped off in group photo….lastly there are not stage photos.

  3. @Jer : Whoa! That bad? You should have kicked the center’s management’s butt for that!