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Finally I’ve got internet connection (if I excluded the one I got at the pub last night)! Was putting up at a friend’s place in Yokohama and she don’t recall her Wifi password … and thus I was ‘disabled’ for a couple of days. Now that we’ve checked in at Prince Grand Resort, Hakone … a lovely hotel that we’ll be just stay for one night … I’m gonna make good use of the internet access and update my blog.

You might notice some layout change in my blog. I wanted to change it a little to accommodate larger photos when embedded in posts … but I’m not sure if it will mess up anything. Do let me know if you face any problem with the display ok?

I’ll just post some of the photos I took the last few days … with my Lensbaby Edge 80 optic. Bringing the Lensbaby on a trip again … like what I did some years back … reminds me of how I love ‘bending’ while on vacation. The only ‘problem’ was … I had to lug my DSLR along.

From the Yokohama Landmark Tower.

We had a short visit to the Zoorasia. Animals were all slacking and sleeping in the cold weather!

That’s me .. bending!

Little boss … the moment we arrived at Narita airport during sunrise. 

Don’t ask me why don’t I use some super duper sharp lens blah blah blah. To me … nothing beats a Lensbaby when I want to have a great time shooting. 😀

I did bring along my Sweet 35 optic but somehow I still prefer shooting with the Edge 80.

This one (above) is my favourite from this first set.

Hey … I sure look real slim (in photo above)! 

That’s all for now. Gotta go get some sleep and re-charge for more fun tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll have time to upload more photos in the next couple of days.


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