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Very often I get bored and whip out my camera for some random shots. Then I’ll go back … look at them and go ‘now what?!’. That’s one big problem I have because I do not know what to do with many of the images I shoot. Most of them will involve landscapes though. Hahaha! Since I’m killing some time now while gulping a beer in the hotel room (Fitzand has gone to bed … phew!) … I ‘forced’ myself to upload a few of these ‘now what?’ photos.

This one (above) was one of the sweep panorama I took. I cropped off a little on the right to remove a large information board and now the guy on the right looks like he’s in deep thoughts looking at the open sea. That’s what cropping can do … misleading eh?!! 😛

This one above was taken early in the morning when we stayed at the Prince Grand Hotel at Hakone for a night. I woke up at about 6:30am and couldn’t get back to sleep … so I went for a quiet … cold … and lovely windy morning walk at the garden. Click on the image above for a larger version. Landscapes … something I hardly shoot … so this is a very limited edition landscape photo from me. 😀

Just another random shot to cure my itch to press the shutter button.

While waiting for Fitzand and his mommy for breakfast … I loitered around the lobby looking for some sign that says ‘COFFEE’ and ended up shooting this through the window. No coffee was found (until breakfast later).



  1. Last image in particular is so beautiful

  2. Wow…great photos 😀 Shot with Sony?

  3. @Ta : Thank you.

    @Jer : Thanks! Yeah all with the tiny RX100. 😀

  4. How many cams did you bring?

  5. @Jer : The little Sony, a DSLR for the Lensbaby and a film cam. 😀

  6. Love the last shot!

  7. @cyanwater : Thanks!

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