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We decided to skip the trip to the Bandai museum as I read that it only opens to pubic on weekends and Fitzand is only interested to check out the Power Rangers stuffs. As an alternative, we brought him to Hakuhinkan Toy Park near Ginza … one of the largest and best toy stores here in Tokyo. As expected … he was complaining about the long walk and train rides but this time a lot less because I promised to buy him toys. 😀

He saw many of his favourite Power Ranger stuffs there and kept asking if he could have 2 of them. Since Christmas and his birthday are near … I told him I’ll get them as his advanced presents and he happily agreed. Things got a bit scary when I asked the guy what the contents were (ie. which ‘zords’) since the text on the boxes were all in Japanese. The guy told us that we will need the other 3 if we wanna combine them into the largest (in Fitzand’s term … ‘strongest!’) one. The good thing is Fitzand didn’t bug or insist I get him the rest of them. Since we don’t visit Tokyo every few months … I asked if he would like to have the other 3 as presents too. Of course his eyes got real big and jumped for joy!

I checked out some of the camera shops here in Shinjuku that the famous Mijonju brought me during my last trip … and ended up melting my credit card. I’m so dead! First was this Ricoh GR21 that I found in a corner in a used camera shop. It says something about a sale but I can’t read Japanese but the guy told me ‘today only!’ … ermm … so I guessed it is a one day promotion. The price is pretty reasonable and the condition is very good. So I did some maths … minus out the tax … ran to grab my passport and I’m now the new owner of the little wide camera!

The 2nd damage (or 3rd if you consider Fitzand’s toys) came in the form of a Fujifilm XF 18-55 lens. If I am not wrong, it is not released in Singapore yet. Since my X-Pro1 has been attached to a lonely 35mm f1.4 for so long … I got him a new playmate. 😛

While I was in the shops … I got to grope the new Sony RX1 … and it goes for 248,000 Yen!!! OMG! It sure feels pretty good and I’m sure it performs great but the price … NO WAY!!! The sales girl told me ‘today first’ and I’m guessing it has just been released here. She pointed at the price tag and started to laugh. Hahaha! OMG! Then I said ‘yeah … expensive!!!’ and she immediately told me to check out the RX100 instead.


  1. GR21!!! What’s the damage for that?

  2. @kaxdd : About S$1100.


  4. @Bone : I actually never have the intention to get the GR21 until that fine morning when I saw it on the shelves. Hmm … I did burn a couple of rolls to test it out and I seem to have fallen in love with it already (even before I see the results (if there is any!)). 😀

  5. Must be the sale and alcohol that made you buy. Hahh!
    The photos must be mind-shocking. :}
    Great find anyways.

  6. Can I be you daughter, pls?

  7. @Bone : No alcohol that morning. I was 100% sober. 😀

    @cyanwater : Come to papa!!! Papa gonna whip you!!! Hey I don’t mind a daughter who owns a camera shop. Really! So when can I drop by to collect my Diana for free?

  8. S$1100! Sure hope I got this kind of money to spend… Would love a GR! Anyway, congrats on this gem! Let me know when you are through with it. Hahaha!

  9. You can ask for the free Diana from your darling.

  10. GR21! Simply wonderful purchases along with the toys for your son. I guess it just feels good where you are there buying things.

  11. @sweat100 : Well … if feels good even if there is no shopping involved. 😀 I sure love the place, the food and the people. This is probably my 6th or 7th trip to Japan and I’m definitely going back again someday. 😀