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  1. GR21!!! What’s the damage for that?

  2. @kaxdd : About S$1100.


  4. @Bone : I actually never have the intention to get the GR21 until that fine morning when I saw it on the shelves. Hmm … I did burn a couple of rolls to test it out and I seem to have fallen in love with it already (even before I see the results (if there is any!)). 😀

  5. Must be the sale and alcohol that made you buy. Hahh!
    The photos must be mind-shocking. :}
    Great find anyways.

  6. Can I be you daughter, pls?

  7. @Bone : No alcohol that morning. I was 100% sober. 😀

    @cyanwater : Come to papa!!! Papa gonna whip you!!! Hey I don’t mind a daughter who owns a camera shop. Really! So when can I drop by to collect my Diana for free?

  8. S$1100! Sure hope I got this kind of money to spend… Would love a GR! Anyway, congrats on this gem! Let me know when you are through with it. Hahaha!

  9. You can ask for the free Diana from your darling.

  10. GR21! Simply wonderful purchases along with the toys for your son. I guess it just feels good where you are there buying things.

  11. @sweat100 : Well … if feels good even if there is no shopping involved. 😀 I sure love the place, the food and the people. This is probably my 6th or 7th trip to Japan and I’m definitely going back again someday. 😀