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After 3 nights in Yokohama and 6 nights in Tokyo … here I am back in Singapore feeling more tired than ever. Travelling with a 5 year old who seems to be turbo charged with energy just isn’t easy. Here it is … a short video to prove just that. Fitzand was shaking his butt when I started taking a video clip of him in action … and from then 0n … he’ll insist I video him when he’s dancing … all over Japan!

It is sometimes very frustrating as he’ll interrupt me when I’m trying to take photos with my analog camera and bug me to whip out my digital one for shooting video. Well … as long as he’s happy … I don’t really mind. Now that I’ve put together many short clips of him dancing (or whatever movement you call that) … I’ve no regrets about putting away the analog cam to capture the moments on video.

Next year during our vacation … I bring along steroids … for myself!

* Click on HD on this video to watch it in (slightly) HD on Vimeo.


  1. Mental! Love it.
    What batteries did you out in him?

  2. @Ta : Must be the Japanese air and food. 😀

  3. OMG! I SUPER LOVE THE VIDEO! Watched it in HD! Haha! Where did he learn all his moves!!! So much groove! I wonder if the Daddy can dance as him! On a side note, I thought you were already very busy taking pics with different cameras and you even took videos! /sweat!

  4. @cyanwater : Thanks! Well … I didn’t really use different cameras to take photos of him. Most of the photos and these videos were taken using the RX100 … which is tiny and pocketable. So it was easy switching from still images to videos. 😀 The headache part is when I am using my film cam … and he starts going ‘Daddy! I dance … shoot video!!!’.

  5. @cyanwater : I’ll drop by your shop tomorrow and dance. Please secure all display items by noon.

  6. Oh forgotten to mention, I especially like the scene on the train! Cool!

  7. @cyanwater : The one where he was dancing and the guys beside don’t seem to be bothered and were busy reading? Yeah!!! That’s my favourite clip in this series too! 😀

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  9. […] These were all taken using a Sigma DP2M that I was test driving during the trip. Very impressive image quality! Didn’t get to shoot too many as I was switching from using the Lensbaby to analogue cams … and at the same time using a compact digital to take video clips of Fitzand’s dance. […]