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  1. Mental! Love it.
    What batteries did you out in him?

  2. @Ta : Must be the Japanese air and food. 😀

  3. OMG! I SUPER LOVE THE VIDEO! Watched it in HD! Haha! Where did he learn all his moves!!! So much groove! I wonder if the Daddy can dance as him! On a side note, I thought you were already very busy taking pics with different cameras and you even took videos! /sweat!

  4. @cyanwater : Thanks! Well … I didn’t really use different cameras to take photos of him. Most of the photos and these videos were taken using the RX100 … which is tiny and pocketable. So it was easy switching from still images to videos. 😀 The headache part is when I am using my film cam … and he starts going ‘Daddy! I dance … shoot video!!!’.

  5. @cyanwater : I’ll drop by your shop tomorrow and dance. Please secure all display items by noon.

  6. Oh forgotten to mention, I especially like the scene on the train! Cool!

  7. @cyanwater : The one where he was dancing and the guys beside don’t seem to be bothered and were busy reading? Yeah!!! That’s my favourite clip in this series too! 😀

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  9. […] These were all taken using a Sigma DP2M that I was test driving during the trip. Very impressive image quality! Didn’t get to shoot too many as I was switching from using the Lensbaby to analogue cams … and at the same time using a compact digital to take video clips of Fitzand’s dance. […]