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Here’s the first roll of film from my vacation last week. I didn’t shoot many rolls as I was too busy entertaining the little one (as usual). If you have seen the video (of him) I posted … you can probably guess how busy I was … being his private videographer. Anyway … here’s a roll of long expired Sensia 400 cross processed. These were shot using my Pentax MZ-S which I lugged along … planning to buy a used lens for it … but ended up not doing so after melting my wallet buying the GR21.

Pretty grainy but luckily most of them turned out fine. This is a roll of 24 exposures film.

I was thinking if I should bring my LC-A+ or LC-W instead of this SLR I wanted to test out the lens (if I have bought it). I’d probably have burned more rolls of film if I had one of those Lomo cams with me.

I’ve a couple of rolls (black & white) from the GR21 test sessions waiting to be developed. Really hope I can find time to do it this weekend.

That’s all for this roll. I’ve another cross processed roll (I think it is Provia) that I’ll scan another day (soon).


  1. Analogue rocks

  2. @Ta : Yeah!!! Just that it’s getting expensive! I burned a hole in my wallet stocking up film in Tokyo. 🙁