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Loaded a roll of expired Neopan 400 the moment I bought my GR21 in Tokyo last week. As the weather was a little cranky … one day of sun and another day of drizzle … I thought it will be good to be safe and shoot with the ISO400 film to test out the camera. Well … it was a little risk I had to take as I’d only know if the camera works fine (though it looks minty) after I get the rolls developed when I’m back here in Singapore.

This little camera is really fun to use … as a simple wide point and shoot camera.

There were some shots wasted as I … forgot … to remove the lens cap!!! Oh my!!! I have always thought that problem only occurs when I’m using toy cameras like the Holga or Diana … but this old man did forget the lens cap and took some shots without knowing it (until later). On one occasion I did realise someone was looking at my camera … when I had the lens cap on. Not sure if he realised that or he was just pissed I was pointing the camera at him.

I love using the camera in the ‘snap focus’ mode. If I am not wrong … the snap focus … focuses at 2 meter when we just press the shutter button. No half press needed. I remember when I was using the GR Digital … you can actually set the snap focus distance but I’m not sure about the GR21. I’ll go read the manual online later. 😛

I developed 2 rolls of Neopan this morning in the toilet when everyone were still sleeping. I thought both of them were the GR21 test rolls but I realised later that one of them was actually shot using my Pentax MZ-S. Guess I’ll have to wake up early tomorrow (or sleep late tonight) to get the other test roll developed.


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