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Although I thought did not fire too many shots with the Lensbaby during this recent trip to Japan, I found quite a handful of images in my SD card. Maybe I was tripping the shutter in a daze!

Here are a few more of them. This first one (below) was taken early one morning when I woke up (a little too) early at 7am. As I usually sleep very late … I should be still in bed … warm and comfy … but instead I chose to jump out of bed with my cameras and went for a very cold walk in the garden behind the hotel. There were only a couple of others in the garden at that time and it was super duper peaceful. Yeah … I love peaceful moments. That’s something I have not got much of for years already … as I have colleagues yakking away on phones like crows … and when I’m off work … Fitzand will be telling me billion of stories about everything and anything he can think of. I still can’t forget how lovely that cold morning at the garden was!

Anyway … as I ain’t a landscape guy … I didn’t know what to photograph in the garden. All I saw were trees and benches. Hahaha! Then I saw Mount Fuji … and the morning sun give it a beautiful lighting! The problem was … I wasn’t really interested to take just another photo of Mr Fuji. Good thing is I had my Lensbaby in my bag! So I took a couple of shots … with Mr Fuji right in the middle (composition masters will scream in anger!) … and told myself it will be in black & white when I get back home. So here it is …

There were few other shots I took later after breakfast that morning …

Hmmm …. there might be few other shots I took in the streets of Tokyo but I’ll leave that for another day. I’ve still a couple rolls of film to scan and some backlog of photos of Fitzand to clear.


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