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This is the 2nd roll I shot with the Pentax MZ-S. It is the 2nd and final roll of color (xpro-ed) film I shot before I switched to using the GR21 with black & white film. I can’t remember exactly what that roll of expired film was but ermm … nevermind. 😛

I suspect that if I had not bought the GR21 and started doing some test shots with it … I might have ended up shooting 5 or more rolls with the MZ-S. It has become my favourite film SLR now!

I hardly like putting much effort when taking photos (lazy) but when it comes to deliberately trying to get some ‘flare’ or ‘sunburst’ … I sure did spend some time adjusting to get the right angle. I got my ‘sunburst’ in the image above!

The rest of the photos …

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