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Took Fitzand to the Art Science Museum today for the ‘The Art Of The Brick’ and the Magnum photos showcase ‘[Outside] In’ today. We had a great time in both the exhibits! No photo taking is allowed at the Magnum showcase but I was fascinated by Jacob Aue Sobol’s work. You’ve gotta go check it out!

Many wonderful works at the exhibit. Here are just a few shots to share … I don’t wanna be a spoiler. Go check it out soon!

‘Disintegration’ … I love this one (above). That’s how I’ll be tomorrow morning … Monday morning at work. 🙁

Some wall mounted iPads for some ‘bricking’ effect. 😀

There were some fun activities for the little ones.

Since I hardly take photos of myself with Fitzand … we bought 2 prints from the exhibition. Usually it they go for $15 each but the guy at the counter (empty!) told me I could have it at $20 for both.

At the exhibition … Fitzand saw a photo booth and went join the queue (to use it) without asking me. Of course I gave him 5 bucks for some fun in the booth …

We had a big laugh when we decided to give him some solid muscles! Hmm … I should have got a photo of myself with that hot bod too!

Thank God weather was nice and we managed to take a short walk … snap some photos before heading home.

Recently he has been making me laugh big time whenever I ask him to sit quietly. I was trying to whip out my Belair for some test shots when he started doing this favourite ‘sit quietly’ poses. I gave up trying to use the Belair at that time and took a few shots of him in action …

I wonder what will happen if he does this when his teachers ask him to sit quietly.

His superhero landing pose (above).

Been hell of a long day and we wrapped up the day with some simple home made sandwiches with the help of … of course none other than my little boss Fitzand. He had fun helping me in the kitchen and making the ‘bear bear’ sandwiches with this cutter we bought from Tokyu Hands in Tokyo.

Since my fingers were still itching for some photos … I took some snapshots …

He complained about removing shells from quail eggs. ‘Chicken eggs easier!’ he said.


I asked if he knew what I meant by cutting the ham into quarters. He replied ‘Of course! Ms Gin taught me in school!’.


His favourite part … slicing the eggs. He’ll eat a slice for every 5 he produces. 😀


Finally the ‘bears’ begin production!


First prototype.

The girl bear.

The girl bear with ermm … hair. Looks like Bob Marley bear.

He suddenly told me that next he wants to make an Indian bear. I was super puzzled! Then he showed me a small piece of egg while. Looked at me real serious when I asked him why Indian bear? He pointed at his forehead. I tried very very very hard not to laugh. I nodded. He proceed to make his Indian bear.

Then he asked me to help cut the ham into a thinner slice. I asked why. He said … ‘This is African one … is skinny’. Again … I had to try ultra hard not to laugh! I know why he assumes that Africans are skinny. I showed him before … some pictures and videos of some less fortunate people in Africa … explaining to him that there are people in this world who doesn’t not even have enough to eat and he should be thankful and not waste food etc etc. Guess I gotta re-explain again with some fatter people in the photos.

Here is his African Indian bear ….




  1. Looks like a fun-filled and eventful day! Love the food art! ;D

  2. @cyanwater : It sure was a great (and tiring) day. You should go check out the Magnum photos exhibit. Great stuffs from masters (like you).

  3. My funfilled and eventful was referring to the later part of the day. ;p

  4. @cyanwater : Wahahaha! It was more fun in the earlier part of the day! I was running on reserve energy in the later part!