By • Dec 23rd, 2012 • Category: Fun with film

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It has been weeks since my Belair Globe-trotter arrived and I finally got the test roll developed in the bathroom after dinner and scanned it. What do I think of this pretty neat looking camera? Since I don’t feel like typing much now … I generated some memes to do the explanation …


  1. LOL!!!! this is fucking hilarious!!!!! OMG

  2. 🙁

  3. WTF!!!

  4. HAHAHH!! Buy or Sell..
    Buy more russian glasses and film to burn. That’s your solution. :}

  5. LOL!!! Really so little results?

  6. @cyanwater : Ordered yours already?

    @Bone : No! I’m not buying the Russian glasses!

    @Sherrie : We get only 6 shots from a roll (of 120 film) if we shoot in the 6×12 format. So the above (including the screwed up ones) are all the photos I got from the test roll. Guess I’ll try 6×6 next time.

  7. great use of memes!! I’m a fan of memegenerator myself 😀 I often send y u no-images to work colleagues hahaha

  8. btw, sorry for your first attempt. hope the next one went better!!

  9. @jojonas : Hello fellow memegenerator fan! 😀 As for my first Belair attempt … I’m okay with it because I’m pretty used to screwing up. 😛