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Nano Block Toy Camera

I couldn’t find any of these cute little Nano Block cameras in Tokyo when I was there not too long ago and as I was slowly forgetting about it … those (grrr!!!) lovely guys from ThirtySix started carrying this product! They come in red, yellow, white, black and blue and since I was picking an extra set up for a buddy … I went for two sets … a red and a yellow.

Candy colored packaging. Yummy!

It comes with a small pack of extra blocks for you to have some fun customising and personalising your camera. I’ve seen some fancy designs online but I guess you’ll have to go pick up a pack or two of the Nano blocks from the toy stores before you have enough blocks to work with.

It shoots video too? Hmm … I’ve gotta go read the simple manual then.

The little pack of blocks.

The ‘naked’ camera and the crazy large ‘viewfinder’.

Behind it … a small LED which acts as a charging and camera standby mode indicator. The battery (built-in rechargable) in mine is flat and thus I am unable to test it tonight. The LED light is supposed to blink once when you take a photo.

Ermm … the view through the funny looking viewfinder.

A simple guide with a few sample designs that you can practice with.

Pull the camera apart (from both sides) and you’ll find a USB connector hidden inside. That’s the one used for charging (through USB) as well as copying photos to your computers.

Buttons/switches on the camera. Just a simple on/off switch and of course the shutter button.

This camera uses micro SD cards for storage. I forgot to take a photo of the card slot on one side of the camera though. No … there ain’t no micro SD card included in the package.

Behind the camera. What??? No LCD??? Hahahaha!

Another front view …

Since I’m too tired to mess around with the camera now … I decided to do a quick ‘design’ in about a minute. My first Nano Block camera design … Mr Cat.  I had to do it because I was too lazy to go find a small container to keep the tiny blocks.

The rest of the little blocks were randomly attached to the back … waiting for the weekends when I’ll try find some time to work out a better design.

Like the Lego camera (pic below) that I bought for Fitzand some months back … this Nano block camera will definitely be one for Fitzand to snap around with. This old man ain’t gonne be seen on the streets with any of these cute colourful toys. 😛

Check out their website for some very cute and cool designs of the Nano block camera.

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