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Had a super wonderful beer session last night on New Year eve … slept about 4am and got kicked outta bed at around 730am. A few rounds of espresso today didn’t help much but since it is a public holiday today … I’ll just go into overdrive mode and try get some stuffs done.

Wish everyone a wonderful new year and may tons of fun and happiness decorate our lives! Cheers!

While we were out shopping a couple of days ago … I picked up 3 packs of those Nano blocks (with pre-determined designs) to add up to those (very few) pieces that came with the Nano block digital camera. I had this idea in mind but I wasn’t sure how many more blocks it will need … and I was hoping the 3 packs will be sufficient. Unfortunately … not! I’ve to go buy another pack soon. These little tiny blocks don’t come cheap! The 3 packs I bought already cost more than half the price of the camera!

The 3 packs I bought were of different designs as I wanted a variety of colours (the blocks). Fitzand saw me with the camera and blocks and asked if the could play with them. Of course I let him have some fun with it before I got down to work proper.

The lil’ boss … serious at work.

I was wondering what he was trying to build and soon I guessed it was a face. There are eyebrows and eyes … but what is he adding on to where the mouth is supposed to be?

Soon I found out what he was building!!! He said ‘the man vomit!’. Oh dear … he has wild ideas!


After some clowning around … I finally got to work on the camera. Inspired by the Lomography Belair and other old folder cameras … I started work on a digital folder camera. Of course it will not fold or collapse!

This is the first ‘draft’ of the camera. I’ll need to give it some more work later … to make sure the blocks are well fitted and tidy.

I’m gonna give it as a present to a friend. 😀

Luckily I had enough black blocks to make the ‘bellow’. 😀

The USB is still accessible and that’s something I remembered to pay attention to. It will be a mess if you have to rip the blocks out just to access the USB!

It took me about 30 minutes to get it all done but most of the time were wasted in trying to pry out those little blocks when I made mistakes. Fuzzyeyeball’s fat fingers ain’t really the right ‘tool’ for such job!

Top view. The ‘body’ looks a bit curved … I’ll need to give it some fine tuning soon.

Ran out of blocks! The back is still hollow! Another pack of blocks should do the trick.

I’ll get it all done and post more photos … after I get some sleep.



  2. @cyanwater : Nanolair? Nanoair? That sounds like some hi-tech fan brand. Hahaha! So when are you getting some blocks to build yours? I remember there was a Nano block bird (parrot?) in the shop. Rip that apart and use those blocks! 😀

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