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Put the finishing touch to the Nano blocks digital camera yesterday and it should now be sitting comfortably somewhere in a friend’s place. I was hunting for a nice display box for it but somehow most were either too big or simply unsuitable. Then I suddenly remembered having this display box that I bought from Ikea … many many years ago.

The box didn’t really fit too nicely because the camera was a little too big but luckily I was able to tape up the back with the camera nicely squeezed in. Oh … and as you can see in these images … I added in some extra ‘props’ like a little doggie (which took me a few attempts as the earlier ones turned out looking like sheeps!).

As the box wasn’t too nicely made … with rough edges etc … I dug out a roll of sticker (used for furnitures) and gave the box a makeover. The sticker wasn’t very sticky as it has been maybe a decade since I bought it and it was maybe half an hour of heating it up with a hair dryer … slowly making sure it sticks well.


  1. I didn’t know about the hair dryer method! Thanks!

  2. @cyanwater : Yes … that works wonders. The hair dryer has been my best friend during many of these adhesive related jobs. Ok … please … no jokes about drying the last few strands of hair I have. >:D