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This is a roll of Fujifilm Neopan 400 that I thought would never see the light of day. It is the 2nd test roll that I fed to the Ricoh GR21 in Japan and the roll was left in my drawer for months as I had run out of developer and just couldn’t find time to go replenish it. Last Sunday … I got a little crazy and there was this voice inside my head that told me to get the roll developed. The problem was … I still haven’t replenish the developer! So I took out the old bottle (of developer) and saw that there was probably a few drops of it left … told myself some crazy things like ‘Okay … why not just give it a go and see what turns out?’. I knew there was just not enough developer for the dilution ratio … way too little developer … but I wanted to go ahead and see what’s gonna happen. Crazy huh?

So I poured out the last few drops of developer before washing out the few remaining bits from inside the bottle and proceed to develop the roll like I normally do. Yeah … the usual lazy crazy way that ends up with little ice cubes in the development tank. 😀 My heart was beating like a drum! When it came to the end of the developing stage … suddenly I heard a beep and there was this message coming in from a buddy. Then instead of continue monitoring the timing of the last few minutes/seconds of the developing … I stopped the timer and proceed to check my phone message! I ignored the timer! I don’t know how long it took me to read the message but I gave the development tank a few good shake once I was done with my phone … and proceed to finish the entire process.

It was like witnessing a miracle when I finally got to see the film strip!!! It seemed to have turned out properly! So those few drops of developer works? So I really can do with such a diluted mix in future? So that phone message that came in was magical? I sure was happy!

Street photography … one of my favourite genre but also the genre that I seem to shoot lesser these days. 🙁

I am convinced that parting the money for the GR21 is a wise decision. I’m loving the camera so much (except the times when I left the lens cap on)!!!

It is 430am now and I better get back to sleep soon. I fell asleep around 11pm with the scanner still working hard and jumped out of bed at 330am!

Here is the full set of photos from this roll …



  1. Wow! I am really liking your results. That camera is quite a little wonder. Thanks for sharing.

  2. @Mark : Thanks. Yeah it is one amazing little camera.

  3. Nice…teach me how to shoot street!

  4. @Jer : Just shoot wide and shoot close. 😀 Also prepare to run and get bashed up. 😛

  5. This roll turned out great! Loving the contrasts. Now I have to try some neopan 400 myself 🙂

  6. @Oda : Thank you. I love the Neopan film. You should go try it.

  7. F@+K!! iT WAS my preferite film! But, here in Turin (Italy) doesn’t came anymore!!!
    The shop wait for them rolls from 4 mounths now!

  8. P.X. : Film or nothing. Anyway.


  9. @PauL : I’m sure you can get them from eBay. Stock up as many as possible while you are at it. 😀

  10. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, ndroo.
    I think you are a kind person.
    Good photographs and good life.