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It has been over a week since I took this shot with my SX-70 and it is only now that I remember to scan it. Maybe I’ll try take a couple more shots this weekend … scan them and try do emulsion lift before the images fade away (like my memory). The film used was a pack of Impossible Project’s PX70 Color Protection.

I walk along an empty street
I love the sounding of my feet
It makes me feel so good and though
There’s nobody else around, not a soul

I’m quite content to take a seat
The council put there in the street
And watch the nothing going on
Can it really be so wrong all along

From the song ‘Roll the dice’ by Status Quo.

There were 3 more that I took that day … to give some workout to my SX-70 but the results were a little … ermm … disappointing. Not sure if it is because of the lighting or the meter going nuts though.

My precious glow-in-the-dark bulb.

I’ll try put the remaining 4 shots in the pack to better use soon.


  1. The colours on the first seem appear nicely. What happened to the rest? :O

  2. @cyanwater : The rest? I’m not sure. Could it be the metering went nuts? The last one … ermm … focus seems to be way off. Forgive my old fuzzy eyeballs. 😛