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My DSLR is probably the most neglected camera in my cabinet and thus I told myself that I should give it some workout yesterday when I brought Fitzand out for some outdoor fun. The weather wasn’t too friendly and we were at the Punggol Waterfront pretty early … at about 230pm. Still we had fun and my old trigger happy habit kicked in and I ended up with tons of photos (of Fitzand).


It almost ended up in a disaster because I forgot to insert a SD card into the camera! I had no memory card!!! After slapping myself silly and decided to use only the Instax Mini camera … I suddenly realised that I had a SD card in the car! It is the one that stores the maps and software for the GPS and I made a dash to pull it out from the dashboard and I sure was happy when I saw that it can accommodate approximately 250 images. Phew!

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