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So this is one hell of an expensive camera … one that has caused much excitement (and disappointment about the price) with a full frame sensor and a killer lens. I took one for a short test drive to see how awesome it is and managed to capture a handful of photos today.

Street photography is fun with this almost silent camera. The 35mm lens makes it a wonderful tool for street photography.

Colors are pretty awesome although I prefer using the ‘neutral’ setting instead of the ‘standard’ one. I’ll make adjustments in post processing if necessary. Oh … and I ain’t a RAW shooter … so don’t ask me about it. 😛

Close up shots are pretty fun with this beast although you can’t really go very close. One thing I realised … when I was trying to take some photos of Fitzand up close … the focus went cranky and it couldn’t lock focus. Maybe it was just me … so I’ll try it again soon.

No test drive of cameras are complete without some images of my (not so) little boss.

The lens seems pretty darn sharp!

This is (as usual) not a review. Just a quick test drive. The camera’s pretty well built … feels real solid (compared to those I’ve used like the Fujifilm X100 … or even X-Pro1) and seems to be a very good performer (to me).


  1. Wtf on the first pic!

    So what’s the damage?

  2. @cyanwater : First pic? Now you know why you must avoid me when you are out on the streets. : P The damage? S$3.9k including the accessories which are worth S$1k. So it was like S$1k off the current retail price. You are always telling that pros like you do not use compact/smaller cameras … but I think this RX1 does fit your pro status … ya know? 😉

  3. WTF! More ex than 5DM3!

  4. @cyanwater : 5Dm3 need you to spend big on lenses (at least for masters like you). 😛 😛 😛

  5. Lovely shoots!

  6. @cre8tone : Thank you.