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In the process of making a comeback (ie. spending time snapping more photos) … I picked up a new camera bag to replace my Kelly Moore ‘Boy’ bag (which was a big disappointment and you’ll read more about it later in this entry). I must admit I have one too many camera bags at home but I couldn’t resist this full leather one from monochrom (site in German).

The name ‘dothebag’ is pretty cool too eh? 😀

dothebag mono 08

It is of the right size (for me) as I’m usually lugging around smaller cameras nowadays. From the website … this bag is suppose to be able to fit a DSLR body and a few lenses too.

It sure feels really solid and

I usually make sure the bags I buy can fit my 11″ Macbook Air and this one is no exception. The MBA fits just nice in the front pocket! Yes … it goes all the way in nicely and the MBA is sticking out in the photo above just for illustration purposes.

The ‘locks’ are on both sides. Just pull the silver knob and it will release. Simple and neat.

The pocket inside.

Since this is replacing the Kelly Moore ‘boy’ bag … I’ll include a few photos to show why I got frustrated with the older bag. I am not sure why … but after less than 5 times using it … the material is starting to crack!!! It is not real leather … just some material that looks like leather but it is quite disappointing to see how it starts ‘fall apart’ just after few ‘dates’ with me! I took it for a trip to Japan and a couple of times here in Singapore … and I do not abuse it at all. See the photos below …

I noticed this started to happen during my Japan trip. I am not sure of the strap will give way but I’ve stopped carrying heavier stuffs in it. Hmm … I actually do not carry very heavy equipments. At most a mirrorless camera, a film SLR with a compact lens, my Macbook Air and some batteries.

I’ve read some complains online about such cracks and peeling of the material. What a waste for otherwise such a pretty comfy camera bag. The name says ‘boy’ and perhaps it decided to self destruct in the hands of an old man. 🙁


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  1. This looks like excellent quality, I’ve admired them online, although the German site didn’t have the best translation . I’m not aware of any UK Distibutor ? But I will certainly be looking at these when I need a new bag . Thanks for the photos