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Eight days on a vacation in Korea … and I came back with tons of photos of Fitzand, few random shots from the streets (digital) and exposed just 2 rolls of film. Don’t ask me where did my trigger happy habit went. If you happen to see it … give me a call.

Anyway … while I am struggling to go through the tons of photos of Fitzand … here are the other random shots I took … mostly street photos that I snapped one evening when the mood came. Yeah … I don’t know where my mood went either. 😛

This first one was taken outside some old palace while we were waiting for the rest of the tour members.

“Mine has better specifications!”

Doing street photography is one of my favourite thing when I am on vacations. These were all shot with the Sony RX1. I am beginning to love using it for street photography even without the (darn expensive) viewfinder.

That’s all for now. Not sure if I can dig out more photos to share later but I’ll try after clearing the photos of my little boss.


  1. u see so boring the color no one comment! LOL LOL shoot film!!! hahahahhaa
    btw this time i got no problem with comment!!! better than the last time raise hand icon thingy… always say i click wrong!!!

  2. @norya : Hahaha! I still shoot film. It is just that digital is the future. Ooops! Hahahha! Well … I do love both digital and analogue. 😛

  3. You did street photography and you were at the best place! Myeongdong, right? That’s like a haven for street photographers! And you captured great scenes 🙂