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Despite my attempt to shoot more rolls of film this trip,  I ended up coming back with only a couple of rolls. This first roll is a Lomography Tunsten 64 cross processed and shot using my precious Ricoh GR21.

To be honest … I am trying hard to get back my trigger happy ways. I had my LC-A+ with me but it saw only a handful of exposures before going back into my bag.

I think I might have just picked the right film to load … as the cherry blossoms look yummy pink and purple in the following photos …

The ones I shot with my digital cam looked pretty boring compared to these. 😀

Maybe I should just forget about bringing my digital camera along and then I’ll be forced to shoot more with film. Hmm … but then it will be real hard to come back with many photos of Fitzand. Dilemma … dilemma ..

One of my favourite from this roll.

Yes … I don’t know why on earth did I take some of these shots when they look … ermm … so boring. Hahaha! Could be due to my desperate attempt to burn more rolls and start loving shooting with film as much as before.

That’s all for now. I’ll finish scanning the rest of the frames in a day or two.


  1. Cool! Warm! 🙂
    Very nice!

  2. Perfect choice of film!

  3. @Ta : Thanks!

    @cyanwater : I think so too. 😀 Will drop by next week for curry puffs and collect my stuff. Ok?

  4. so nice why nvr shoot more!!!

  5. @norya : Less is more. 😛

  6. Love the sakura. Added to my pinterest board!

  7. @aearthr : Thank you. 🙂