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  1. Hmmm….I think I am affected by the strange illness called ‘no-mood-to-shoot’ too. What is the cure?

  2. @Jer : There is no known cure at the moment. We are all going to die! Muwahahahha! Just joking. I’m not sure about a cure but some day … maybe …. just maybe … the mood will come back in truckloads. Meanwhile … let’s just keep our cameras alive by clicking on them once in a while. 😀

  3. By the way…your scans are clean and sharp! My scans are crap….added effect of lomo-fied.

  4. @Jer : These were all scans straight from the scanner (Epson V700). Which scanner are you using?

  5. Maybe I am using the cheapo scanner from Canon…it was the entry model 3-4 years ago. Quite frustrating to scan….I kept getting those rainbow rings in my scan or else its the dusts…I think the price does matters

  6. @Jer : The scanners do make a difference when it comes to speed and quality of scans but as for those rainbow looking rings and dust … those depends much on how you load/place the film on the holder(s) and also cleaning of the scanner glass surface. I usually clean the glass and blow it (with those camera lens blower). The rainbow looking rings (newton rings) are because the film strip(s) touching the surface of the glass. You can find some info on how to avoid those online. 🙂

  7. I bought the negative holder from Lomography which I thought it can help me but in the end it does not fit my scanner so it is lying there collecting dust 🙁 My scanner only have the center strip of light for scanning 35mm only. I think I will need those scanner that can scan various formats.

  8. I too want to know if you find a cure. I belive my “no-mood-to-shoot” is connected with my other ailment “no-mood-to-blog”, but which one started first? 😉

    Anyways, always enjoy reading your blog 🙂 This set of b&w’s are so inspiring!

  9. @Oda : They are doing a blood test for me know. I’ll let you know if they can find a cure to it. 😀

  10. no hope already la!!! 1 rolls 3 countries!!!

  11. @norya : Yeah. Hahaha! I’ve been shooting way less recently. Been very busy with a project and hopefully if it goes well … I can afford to call it quits and shoot 7 days a week. 😀

  12. OMG!!!!!!!!!! really u gonna be millionaire!!! ok ok then go do the project more important!!!!! after that go back to shooting

  13. @norya : Hahaha! I wish! Nah … I just need enough to stay alive. 😀

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