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A week after this cool toy arrived and finally I find time to unbox it. Yeah … life’s been really busy these days and there is never a dull moment but I sure miss my cameras. Anyway … the Instant Lab arrived after I totally forgotten that I pledged for one some many months back. First I received a notification that it is leaving Hong Kong on the way to my desk in Singapore … and a couple of days later the status (on the postal tracking site) indicated that it was returned to the sender. Yeah … irritating! I was later informed that there was a mix up (!!!) and they almost sent me a wrong one (!!!).

Enough of history lessons. I can’t wait to try it but … but … I have a BIG problem. I do not have an iPhone! Well I do have an iPhone 5 but it is with my partner for some product testing purposes. Not sure if my iPod Touch 5 will work but I was able to download and install the Instant Lab application on it. I have decided to put off the testing til next week because I’ll be zapping out for an appointment once I finish posting this entry.

Here are some photos I took when I unboxed it …

The Instant Lab is finally here!

Hmm … it does say that it works with iPod Touch! Cool! I’ll go try it soon!

Nice to meet you too! This cute welcome message reminds me of Lensbaby’s ‘Hello Mama!’ when I open up the boxes of their products.

The USB charger cable. Huh? Why do we need to charge it? Why ain’t it using the battery pack that’s in the film pack? No time to figure that out (yet). I’ll assume it is gonna use both the batteries … otherwise they could have just made cheaper film packs that don’t contain built-in batteries!

A cloth bag to keep the Instant Lab warm and comfy.

The user manual and some cute info sheets.

The sexy black box that contains the Instant Lab.

Finally … the box cover is off and here is the Instant Lab! The top cover that is shaped like an iPhone with the word ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ is supposed to be removed before we start using the camera. That’s where we place the iPhone.

Ahem … see that? Yeah … I pledged (and burned a bit more money) to have my blog URL engraved on it. Cool ain’t it? 😀

Ok … the fun and weird looking part of this camera printer … pull up the top assembly and it becomes a tower. Hahaha! Yeah … it has to be extended before you start printing.

Remove this? Okay!

Hmm … no mention of iPod Touch but I guess it will work fine.

The metal plate that you slide out before the actual printing starts. From some videos I saw online … you have to push it back in once the film is exposed. If I am not wrong, the LED light (flash) on the phone turns on when the exposing starts and goes off when it is done. That’s when you gotta push in this metal plate. I am just guessing as I haven’t got time to learn how to use it. 😛

I opened up the front but decided to load the pack of film later only when I am ready to test it.

That’s all … some photos from the unboxing process. It is now charging (manual says it takes 1 or 2 hours) and getting ready for some fun test shots! Stay tuned for the test results.



  1. faster show off some test shoot!!!! hhahahahahah

  2. @norya : I’ll try do that next weekend. 😀 I did print a test photo yesterday to understand how to use it and it did turn out okay. Hmm … I was actually inspired to write an app to work with this toy!