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It’s just a pretty fun thingie that Lomography has in their website/blog … where Lomographers take turns interviewing other Lomographers (friends) with a set of questions they get to set themselves. A friend from the Philippines asked if I’d be interested to take on the ‘challenge’ and since it’s a less serious kind of interview … I agreed.

Honestly, I don’t really like interviews because I can’t really express my views (clearly). Recently, strangely … a couple of other people approached me for interviews for some websites and a magazine. No, not those big time magazine, but some new local art publication stuff. Honestly, I can’t even remember what it’s called. It usually doesn’t take me too long to complete the ‘interviews’ through questionaires because I like to keep my story short. Okay, I admit … I suck at answering questions. A friend told me ‘wow! you’re famous!’ … and I laughed my ass off. I love it when people love what I do and like the photos I make … but being famous is the last thing on my mind. Having fun ranks #1 in the list!

One thing I wish though … is if these interviews can be turned into real job interviews to get me outta my dead end job. 🙁

You can check out the Lomography interview here ‘My friend ndroo’ … but if you just wanna read the Q&A without the photos … here it is …

When he’s not counting the number of cameras he has, my friend ndroo works in an IT company in Singapore. He pounds his laptop keyboard to make a living (and buy cameras & film). Apart from all the Diana+/F+ clones, an LC-A+, a Supersampler and a “couple” of other cameras he has collected, he said its not really safe to declare how many… because his wife may read this!

Hi Andrew! What?s up?

What’s up? Definitely not my salary, of course! 😀 Everything’s great over here. Life’s been busy and all I need is more time for photography … otherwise everything is good.

Any new toys that you’ve bought lately? Tell us about it.

The last one was a red XA2 that I managed to grab for a very good price. Apart from that will be the Glow Diana F+ that I got before Christmas as a present for myself (excuses! excuses!)

Tell me Andrew, what the hell is a fuzzyeyeball?

My vision! My life! I wanted a domain name that redefines what I used to do (and love). Started off with when I used to mess around with digital photography in 2003, and after falling in love with Lomography & film stuff, I decided that I need a different ‘image’. Thus the name fuzzyeyeballs and

Show the world your favorite shot of your most favorite lomo. Tell us more about how you took it.

It has to be this. It was meant to be an experiment with myself exposing a redscale roll of film, then a friend did the 2nd exposure … this time exposing the ‘correct side’ of the film. A handful of them survived and the colors were simply crazy!

If you are deserted on an island and one plane would drop you tons of medium format film and just one Lomo, what would you pray for the Lomogods that medium format Lomo would be? A Holga or a Diana?

Is this a trick question? Are they not gonna drop me some chemical and stuff to develop the roll too? 😀 I’ll definitely go for the Diana! I’m a big Diana fan and also if I ever get rescued from that island … I can go home telling people how I got stranded with a girl named Diana. They’ll be so jealous if I don’t tell them the truth!

In 3 words how would you describe your lomographic life?

Messy. Fun. Crazy.

Wave hello to the world and spread lomolove. Impart us with your lomo wisdom.

Rule #420102384923 : Have fun … nothing else matters!

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