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  1. no one check on you … u slack huh!!!!

  2. love your 1st FEBRUARY

  3. Noreen, thanks. Haha. I’ve been dead busy last few nights. Maybe will update them tonight or tomorrow.

  4. already 8th leh…. i’m the GIRL here….. LOL….

  5. Hi GIRL. LOL! Why are you using Jim’s login? Duh!

    I know. I’ve a backlog to clear. Hopefully tonight. I’ve been so busy that I can hardly find time to rest. Fitzand’s attending childcare and after fetching him, then fetching his mommy and get back home … it’s already 8pm. Spend some time playing with him and the night is almost over. Now I’ve a bunch of LB Diary entries still sleeping in my CF card. Argh! I’m gonna go send a roll of redscale to the lab now. Haha! Stay tuned for the LB Entries if I don’t go into a coma tonite.

  6. guess u are in coma now… LOL…

  7. btw…. im using his Mac… and i did not bother to change the detail when i reply…. LAZY

  8. i’m so excited…. collecting my roll tmr lunch…. arghhhhhhhhhhhhh

  9. the eye….. ‘hou leng ah’

  10. Hahaha. Noreen, finally I’m done with my backlog. Hope to see the photos from your roll tomorrow. I’ll be waiting.

    Oh, as for the eye shot … that’s my eye and I assume ‘hou leng ah’ means my eye is pretty eh? 😛

  11. Wah! Nobody ever told you before that you got piutifoo eyes hor?

  12. Witchy, some people did. Oh that was before my eyes turned fuzzy. Hehehe.

  13. wei wei… already 14th liou

  14. Noreen … be patient. Let the photos ferment in the card for a day or two. Argh! Can I have 48 hours in a day instead? Duh!

  15. more than 2 days liou loh…. HAHHAHAHA

  16. Noreen … be more patient. Life has been really busy. Well I spent last night’s free time to scan my Flexaret roll and didn’t manage to copy out and post the LB ones. 😛

  17. hahahah… okie… dun bug u on this…i gonna go shoot my own one… whahahaha

  18. Hahaha. No you are not bugging me, Noreen. I’ll probably post them up this weekend. Hope you have fun with your LB & EM. Can’t wait to see the next roll from it.

  19. i din manage to start off with my so called project… whahahah cause i still have a roll of unfinished film inside FE,…. i love ya running tap water…. beautiful … very beautiful…

  20. I really shouldn’t be looking at your LB shots..
    It’ll get me poisoned, and make me get an SLR, just to play with the LB.

  21. Arifin, thanks. Go get a SLR and a LB. The perfect fun combo!

  22. Noreen … I’ll be waiting …

  23. Nice work! How do u do ur speedo pic man?

  24. ck, thanks.

    The speedo? For a moment I was shocked and thought I took a photo myself in Speedo trunks (you’ll faint!). Hahaha! The speedometer? That one was a ‘double exposure’ I did. I overlapped the 2 images in Photoshop. I’m a fan of double exposures when using film, but in digital … Photoshop is the only way to do it (until they have this double exposure feature in Canon DSLRs).

  25. Haha! Sorry for the misunderstanding.. Really admire ur work.. Just cant seems to get my photos to be like ur standard.. 🙂

  26. ck … it was just a joke. Hahaha. I knew what you were referring to. Thanks but I am sure you can take way better photos than mine.

  27. already March right??? whahah anyway… i just wanna tell u my testing on my first project gonna be a disaster…
    1st… when i wind my FE….. i only fo it half way thinking its already done… i open!!!! and i check… for a moment… i knew that roll is GONE!!!
    2nd… i still put it to the LB… but then i took a few night shoot…
    LOL… lets see what i get when i develop tmr

  28. Noreen … hahaha. Yeah. Processed some of them last week and I’ve just got back from a trip Malaysia. Will definitely clear the backlog by this coming weekend.

  29. did the bird move when u shoot???

    i love the flower in the bottle…

  30. Worr, the stove and bird shots nice.
    You must have one hell of a backlog now..

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