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What happens when something that some call bizarre … is paired with something else that’s pretty bizarre? It’s Lensbaby meets redscale film! My first attempt in using the Lensbaby Composer on my el-cheapo EOS88 SLR and a roll of Lomo Redscale negative film. Was too lazy to make a roll of redscale for this purpose, so decided to use the roll of redscale that a friend gave me to try it out.

I know I’m supposed to copy out those backlog entry photos for my Lensbaby Diary and update my blog … but … but … I was just too eager to scan these to take a look.

Very happy most of them turned out pretty well. Luckily I found a -3 eyepiece correction diopter lens for my EOS88, otherwise I’d never be able to manually focus using the Lensbaby on it.

Colors from the redscale film seems a bit crazy, depending on lighting condition.

A conclusion … LB VS RS = FUN!!!

So now should I go settle my outstanding Lensbaby Diary entries, scan 2 other rolls of xpro slides, scan 2 rolls of double exposure exchange I did with a friend from the US or … just go get some rest? Damn. I really need more time in my life now. Argh!!!!!!


  1. u make me desperate to finish my roll and send to KT!!!!! like NOW!!!!! love LBLBLBLBLBLBLBBLBLBLLBLBLBLBBLBL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I’m going to go do this, as soon as i find one of my rolls of redscale film

  3. these are beautiful. what was the lighting like? what kind of film was it?

    i wasn’t so sure about the lensbaby before, but i’m convinced now.

  4. Noreen, quick go finish that roll on the EM+LB!

    Niel, thanks. Find your redscale fim? Where did you hide them? 😀

    K.T, thanks. It’s a roll of redscale film from Lomography. I usually ‘make’ my own but this time I was too lazy. 😛 Oh yeah … Lensbaby … best thing since beer in bottles.

  5. just finish and send to KT…. collecting tomorrow lunch time…. bet i cant sleep tonight…

  6. wow.. redscale with lb.. pro!

  7. *slaps Jim*

  8. Noreen, I bet you’ll be waiting outside KT tomorrow to collect your negatives.

  9. damn… is LB again!!!
    some more with redscale~

    i don k! i must get 1 as wel!

  10. Edmund … oh yeah. Hahaha. I know you are getting one already. 😛

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