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Fitzand’s foolish dad bought him a water gun, thinking that it’s one of those ‘gun’ that produces bubbles. Dammit! Those China packaging with a couple of Chinese characters that I don’t understand, with some cartoon drawings of kids with bubbles made me a clown thinking it was supposed to generate soap bubbles! I went home, loaded it with some soap water and tried hard not to scream the 4-letter-word when I realised that it was just a water gun! 😀 Please forgive my stupidity as I didn’t have such things to play with when I was a kid. 🙁

Oh well … it was not problem for Fitzand who enjoyed spraying it like there’s no tomorrow. Best thing is … when I brought him to the park to have some fun with it … he said ‘Daddy … sit!’. I don’t feel stupid being treated like a dog but … he added ‘spray head, daddy’ … woooh!!!  He happily gave me a hair wash in the middle of the park. Duh! Fortunately my camera survived the torture.

“Watch out daddy! I’ll be back!”

The rest of the photos are here.


  1. can i join him the nx time u guys go play water gun!!!!!

  2. Noreen … of course you can. Just make sure you bring extra clothes.

  3. that one for sure… a lot of extra clothes… and non make up day!!!!

  4. Don’t forget a waterproof camera too!

  5. oh yah… that camera still got film inside… lol….

  6. Lovely sight. You have a very adorable son 🙂

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