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Knock! Knock! Yes I’m still around! It seems like a decade since I last updated this blog and I finally spent some time last night to iron out some technical hiccups in the photo gallery (in Fitzand’s photo gallery section). I’m glad I still remember my login and password! Since I am already logged in … I thought I might just create a post here to say a big ‘HELLO!’ to everyone out there. I’ll try harder to post more photos soon.

So what’s been up? Too many to mention but looking forward … I have a small review on Lensbaby’s first mobile lens (LM-10) coming up soon and hopefully some new photos to share.

I’ve not been taking much (if any) photos for a while now but of course there are still occasional snapshots of Fitzand …

Here’s a video of Fitzand in action during a recent skating competition …

See you guys back here soon. Have a great day!


  1. it’s alive!!!! :O :O :O

    welcome back 😉

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