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Cache directory "/var/www/vhosts/" is not writable.The Digital Diana aka Rhianna

By • Dec 16th, 2014 • Category: Toys

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They promised to produce and deliver the Rhianna camera (originally called the ‘digital Diana camera’ when they were seeking for crowd funding to build it) by Christmas and sure enough it landed on my desk last week. Well … it is more like a digital Mini Diana instead of the medium format Diana cameras as the camera looks almost identical to a Diana mini.

Here is a quick first look at it (since I am very busy with everything else). I have no time to take photos of the actual camera but I guess you can find them online. Anyway I stole some images online just to share them. 😛

* The one we received didn’t come with the black ‘leather’ covering. It is just an all white camera.

For more information on that Indiegogo project, check this out. You can take photos of maximum resolution of 3648 x 2048 with it. That’s like 7mp isn’t it?

These are some test shots … and I screwed up by accidentally switching on the data imprint option. Duh!

In summary, this is a pretty fun camera. Despite being a ‘toy’ camera, it has controls built in like ISO settings, exposure compensation as well as a bunch of fun effects. Here are the effects available in it















Black and white





It is powered by an internal battery and the package comes with an USB cable (for charging and transfer) and a neck strap. The camera saves images/videos in a SD card. There is this ‘anti shake’ option in the camera which I have yet to figure out what it means. I am sure there can’t be any anti shake mechanism built in … so I guess it is about auto pumping the ISO to some crazy level to counter handshake.

I’ll find time to take more photos (and perhaps videos) with it soon. 🙂


  1. Is this not the exact same camera?

  2. @JohnJo : Hmm … that sure looks identical. Now I am wondering … if that one on Amazon is a copy or is Rhianna an original creation. 😀

  3. Allo, I am aware of those ones that have popped up – I believe they are a cheap imitation of my camera!

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