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Blackout Edition

I’ve always wanted to have an all black camera with no markings on it.

After getting quite a number of DMs on how I managed to ‘blackout’ my Q2, here are what you need :

  1. Black Molotow marker
  2. Alcohol wipes (I used those medical wipes from pharmacies)
  3. Cotton buds

Basically, the steps are pretty simple. Carefully use the Molotow marker to paint on the white (or any other color) parts, wait 3 seconds or so … then carefully wipe off the excess paint. Sometimes you will need to do that a couple of times if the paint doesn’t completely cover the markings.

For parts like the the front of the lens barrel, you will need to wet the tip of the cotton bud by wrapping it with the alcohol wipe. Once the cotton bud is soaked with the alcohol, carefully wipe off the excess Molotow marker paint.

Yup! It’s as simple as that!

Do it at your own risk but frankly … it ain’t that hard.

As for the red Leica logo … I just peeled it off, painted it black with the same marker and sprayed a thin later of clear paint on it before sticking it back to where it belongs.

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