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Some of you might know or read my short interview with this Diana camera lover and also a very talented photographer, Annette (else click here). She sent this image of her Scarecrow Man version of the Diana F+ camera. Look closely and you’ll realise her name is printed on the lens! No, they did not make personalized versions of this camera but she also won the personalized Colette version of the Diana F+ camera in the competition, thus she decided to ‘plant’ the lens with her name onto the Scarecrow Man camera.

This must be a combo made in heaven because she loves photographing scarecrows (and is darn good at it!), so to have her name on the Scarecrow Man camera … makes it the perfect camera! Maybe someday they will also launch a new one called Scarecrow Woman. Hmmm …. Now I just wonder if she is willing to bring it out for shoots or keep it well protected in her cabinet. 😀

She also sent me a photo of her (big!) collection of Diana cameras … from the old Diana and her old clones to the new Diana F+ and the newer clones. Now I’ve gotta get my wife to see this photo and she’ll realise what I have is nothing compared to these. 😀


  1. no shit.. nice collection. 😀

    love the scarecrow of urs. 😀 nicely done annette.

  2. Jim … so now are you considering buying back all the dianas you sold? 😀 Perhaps someday there will be a Camel Man camera from Japan too? 😀

  3. wow!

    ndroo, show us your collection!!!

  4. Cyan … don’t embarass me! i only have 2 of those old ones and a few of the new ones. Dammit. I’m gonna kick your butt when we meet.

  5. OMG !! I’m gonna show this to my boyfriend too, hoping he’ll understand I’m not that crazy with cameras…
    I just gave up the idea of buying the diana snowcat, nut now that I see this collection… 😀

  6. Fabyen … how can you not buy the SnowCat? 😀 Annette says that the body has a smooth faux leather texture! That means it’s different from the other clones. Hmm … hahaha.

  7. grrr it is the money that stops me… and also beacuse I just the brand new colette diana…
    maybe later ? not now doesn’t mean never 😀

  8. fabyen … congrats on the new colette diana. Yeah … keep the cat one in mind. Someday you might just need a new pet. 😀

  9. Oooh thanks Andrew, that looks lovely to see online. I just made my Scarecrow/AEFournet camera image my computer screen image so I can look at it while I’m in my office. A case of obsession no doubt. But my obsession has brought me a lot of success and happiness, but not much money I’m afraid!

    Show us your entire collection Andrew, I know you have a lot!!!

  10. Annette … obsession is good. LOL. At least you’ve got lots of success & happiness. I’m sure most of the money were used to feed that devil called obsession. Most of us do too. Grrr.

    As for my collection … like I mentioned above … I only have 2 old Dianas and the rest are the Diana F+ clones. Serious. I have some other cameras but I haven’t got time to take photos of all of them. Some of them are in my ‘About’ page. 😀

    Have fun.

  11. Oh btw … Annette … if I ever go to your side of the world again someday … I will definitely visit your home and kneel in front of your Diana cabinet for hours. Hahaha!

  12. WARH!!!! so many!!!!! OMG!!!!
    Andrew… from the rate of the Diana producing … i guess u will reach there in no time… whahhaha
    cause all u need to do is keep buying… LOL

  13. Noreen … yeah … those darn Dianas are multiplying like rabbits!

  14. Where does she live?
    I don’t mind going overseas, just to rob her.

  15. omg. for a moment i though it was your collection ndroo. its like a mini diana museum!

    nice collection annette!

    and.. im falling in love with the scarecrow diana 🙁

  16. omg..all packed in that cabinet…time to rob someone.ha! jkjk…really nice collection of hers.

  17. Sumlom … I wish they are all mine too. Haha. Scarecrow? I think Jimmy has one for sale. Go buzz him tomorrow.

    Ben … it will be way to costly to fly all the way there to rob her. 😛

  18. FYI just aquired a ‘Black Bird; Diana and a Valiant Flash. MY collection is growing out of its space.I’m even beginning to think its time to sell it? Ack I’m torn…

  19. Annette, do not sell them. Just send them to me for safekeeping. I’ll keep ’em safe & sound.

  20. waaa.. I’m so jealous..
    I’m thinking about Diana too, but still not enough money in my pocket, haha..
    still learning to use my colorsplash and supersampler too.. (^^,)*

    nice blog!

  21. Jeanne … you’ve gotta get yourself a Diana. Not only it’s pretty … it does take very cool photos as well.


  22. Oh Dianas! A whole cupboard of pretty girls!! =))

    Too bad i’m not good with 120 hahah

  23. @nic : Hahaha! You resurrected this thread and make me drool early in the morning. Anyway, I think most of those in there are old women instead of pretty young girls. Only those on the top shelves are pretty young ones. 😛

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