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Here are the photos from the 2nd roll on the Lubitel 166+ last weekend. Nothing fancy, just some test shots to make sure the camera is in good health. I’m begining to love using that plasticky TLR more and I’m even considering bringing it for my short vacation this month end. Hmm. But then it might be a bit too bulky and troublesome.

It’s Thursday night and I can’t wait for tomorrow to pass quickly so I can embrace the weekend again with open arms. Hehehe. It’s gonna be another busy weekend. Some friends invited us over for barbecue & dinner. I’m thinking of bringing Fitzand to go play with his new soap bubble ‘gun’ too, so maybe I won’t have time to prepare any food for the barbecue and just bring along some beer instead. During the day, I might have to go help photograph a friend’s son who has just learned how to walk. It will be great fun and definitely bring back memories of Fitzand’s first steps. At this stage (learning to walk), it’s a lot easier to photograph kids compared to later days when they can run … either away from the camera or towards the camera trying to grab it (like Fitzand does). It’s gonna be fun.

On Saturday and on Sunday, our domestic helper is flying back to the Philippines … and that means we’ll have to put more effort and time into taking care of Fitzand & doing housework. Time to lose some weight I guess.

Oh and not forgetting to thank that special ‘someone’ for the Lubitel. I’m loving it!!!

This one below is from the previous roll (Afga Optima 100). The colors are pretty neat eh?


  1. Power laa, unker!
    I really think you should lug the lubitel along for the vacation.
    It’ll be worth it, I tell you.

  2. I see the resemblance in pic 6.

  3. Pic 6? Resemblance? Huh?

  4. Your self-portraits! Have you forgotten? LOL

  5. Cyan … you are confusing me. Pic 6?

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