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1st Holga, then Diana F+ & now this?

Written by • Oct 22nd, 2009 • Category: Others
I’m sure we all know about the colorful Holga and the recent Diana F+ CMYK … the candy colored plastic toy cameras. It is very strange (and funny) to see Pentax following the footsteps and introducing their own candy colored DSLR. Yeah … a real DSLR! Inspired by the Kore Ja Nai robo toy, this limited edition of 100 units (for Japan only) camera is definitely gonna get all the attention when you use it on the streets. For events where a DSLR is not allowed … I’m sure the… >> read more

Almost Free!

Written by • Sep 17th, 2009 • Category: Toys
Right after the clown colored CMYK Diana F+ was released, being the sucker I’ve always been … I placed an order for it because I had 70 piggies (US$ credit) with them. So in minutes the order was placed. Minutes later, I changed my mind. I wanted to maybe change it to the bundle with the Diana Mini and perhaps a Gorillapod. So I quickly login to cancel the order before it is processed and luckily I was able to do so. I clicked the ‘cancel order’ button and guess… >> read more


Written by • Sep 11th, 2009 • Category: Toys
***K!!! Well … well … well … look what the cat dragged in! You can decide for yourselves what the *** stands for in this entry’s title but to me … it is … “***K!!! Lomography launched a ***K Diana F+ camera? ***K!!!” After a (not too) short ‘break’ from the massive attack of the Diana F+ clones/versions, I thought the next one will be one of those Diana World Tour edition camera. Strange enough they didn’t have a World Tour edition for the recent China stop. Maybe this candy-c0lored… >> read more