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Photographer With Attitude

Written by • Jul 30th, 2012 • Category: Digital stuffs
Minutes to midnight on a Sunday night. Hours from another hell-ish day at work! I’ll try not to think that far ahead and update my blog with a short entry. I’ve only some digital snapshots to post as I only managed to fire 20 exposures in a roll of negatives loaded in my Nikon F3. That means 16 more to go … perhaps next weekend. Was out doing some shopping and after an awesome dinner at a Korean restaurant, we picked up a present for a Fitzand’s classmate who will… >> read more

3 F P S

Written by • Aug 19th, 2010 • Category: Fun with film
Couldn’t think of an appropriate title … so I used a very lame one. Yeah. 3 FPS. Not 3 frames per second … but 3 frames per scan. Hahaha! I forced myself to scan this roll from my Pen EE2 and since it was already midnight when I started … I took a shortcut and scanned 3 (of the half frame frames … ermm … is that what you call it?) photos into 1. I haven’t figured out if my scanning software can do batch scans and was desperate to… >> read more


Written by • Oct 19th, 2009 • Category: Digital stuffs
I’ve never been a fan of durians but Fitzand loves it. He has been asking me to buy him some for about a week already. Each morning before sending him to childcare, we’ll go have breakfast near the market and whenever he sees (or smells!) durian … he’ll ask me to buy some. This morning, I decided to get one for him but had to make sure he doesn’t eat too much of it. The last time he had too much durians for a couple of days … he was… >> read more

4am Trouble …

Written by • Jun 22nd, 2009 • Category: Digital stuffs
I’m in big trouble! I arrived home at almost 1am from a short trip to Malaysia and now it’s almost 4am and I’m wide awake! Tomorrow is (argh!) Monday and I’m gonna be half dead at work but I just can’t sleep (yet). Some wine might help but I am staying away from booze for a day or two since I’ve just recovered from a bad tummy problem. Nevermind. I’ll just add a blog entry and post a couple of photos I took in Malaysia. Ever had such situation when… >> read more