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Written by • Oct 18th, 2010 • Category: Others
From the hands of the very talented friend, Noreen (aka Miun) … the artist who made me my coffin *cough* … here comes a very interesting exhibition that I thought many of you might be interested. I’ll be checking it out this coming weekend with my family and perhaps pick up an eye or two … or perhaps a mouth or nose? the little drom store presents ‘F A C E S’ by illustrator/artist Miun Faces is an interactive, conceptual artwork exploring human faces. Limited hand-sewn eye, nose and mouth… >> read more

Oh Bling Me!

Written by • Jan 14th, 2010 • Category: Others
Some of you might have heard of Crystal Roc or seen some of those bling bling headphones and cool gadgets from them. Not long ago, I realised that they’ve done the same to the Olympus E-P1 camera! Crystal Roc ‘dressed up’ the E-P1 with tons of tiny Swarovski crystals and soon the camera is worth at whopping £2,000 !!! The normal price for an E-P1 is about £600 (or less) only! Madness! Well for those with the extra bucks to burn on blings … I think they don’t mind. It… >> read more

Limited Horrible Edition

Written by • Dec 28th, 2009 • Category: Others
My heart was beating fast when I read about this limited edition Ricoh GRDIII camera … for Stussy‘s 30th anniversary. Since Stussy has some pretty cool stuffs, I thought the limited edition cam is gonna be hell cool … but I was wrong. Dead wrong. Take a look at the camera and decide for yourselves …. hahaha …. The mode dial looks like some blue plastic mineral water bottle cap! I love the icons & the fonts at the back! I love the font they used and also those cool… >> read more


Written by • Jun 30th, 2009 • Category: Others
Back from an extremely short beer session with my colleagues and one of them was telling us a ‘story’ about his younger days … back in the 80s! That somehow got me reminiscing about those good old days. Hahaha. He was telling us about how he (and his buddies) were influenced by some Chinese movies back then and how they dressed up just like their ‘heroes’ then. Muwahaha. I couldn’t really believe what I heard and had an incredible time trying to imagine how he’d look like back then. More… >> read more


Written by • Apr 22nd, 2009 • Category: Toys
A couple of hours ago, I struggled for some time trying to get my laptop skin installed right. Perhaps I am just too fussy, I ended up removing it and sticking it back … several times! Luckily these stuffs are pretty good and stick well even after you remove it (carefully). Anyway, right after that … despite my fuzzy eyes being pretty tired already … I decided to work on ‘dressing up’ a Diana+ camera. So I picked up the Edelweiss and started working on it using some other leftover… >> read more

Colette : Press rel.

Written by • Feb 14th, 2009 • Category: Others
Received an email from Lomography with the official press release of the Colette special edition Diana F+ camera and also the Colette exhibition in Paris. It also contained some PDF files of some pages from the ‘Through a woman’s lens’ book. The special edition Diana F+ camera does remind me of the Hong Meow edition which has a black bottom and white top. The only difference I see are some cute blue dots on it. Not sure if the flash is white or black (like the Hong Meow) because the… >> read more

More than just cheap plastic cameras

Written by • May 6th, 2008 • Category: Camera Fashion
A cheap plastic camera doesn’t have to be naked and ugly! Here are some of my works on various ‘toy’ cameras … Stardust La Sardina : The most girly design I’ve done … a La Sardina for a friend. Summer Holga : A last minute design for a friend … Diana’s Butts : A fun design (with a crappy name) Diana+ made specially for ThirtySix’s 1st anniversary. Woodpecker, Fly : A ‘wooden’ version of the famous Blackbird, Fly camera … made specially for those guys in Superheadz. Camera sponsored by… >> read more