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Toy Lens : First Look

Written by • Mar 4th, 2011 • Category: Digital stuffs
This new toy arrived at my desk … just a day after I placed an order (from Hong Kong). Super fast! The Toy Lens from SLR Magic … a lens that a blog reader/friend … ‘poisoned’ me with recently. You know who you are?!!! 😀 With a focal length of 26mm (which equals a 52mm on M4/3) … this little lens sure sounds fun! So how does it perform (or in toy lens/cam lovers’ perspective … ‘not perform’)? The lens is TINY! It is even smaller than the Pentax 25mm… >> read more

NATURAlly Found

Written by • Jan 4th, 2010 • Category: Fun with film
I’ve had this roll of Natura 1600 film in my Klasse W for a really long time and in it were a few shots taken during my Hong Kong trip some many months back! Gosh! Since I was dropping by the lab today, I finished the last 3 shots from the roll and popped it in the lab to see what’s in it. I didn’t even remember I had a few shots from that HK trip. Hahaha! I kinda like these few shots taken here in Singapore … ermmm …… >> read more

Diana, Instax, 7

Written by • Jul 1st, 2009 • Category: Fun with film
It has been quite some months already since my short vacation in Hong Kong and these 7 leftover Instax shots from my Diana Instant Back has been waiting patiently for me to scan and upload them. Yeah … just these 7 shots that I left out when I was scanning the earlier batch. Check out the earlier batch here. Fitzand wanted this giant panda but we got him a smaller version instead 😛 I swear I wasn’t drunk when I took this one! I forgot to eject the film and… >> read more

Digitally Squared

Written by • May 4th, 2009 • Category: Digital stuffs
After some blog entries with photos from my film cameras, I managed to convince myself to do some post-processing and post these few digital shots taken on my Fujifilm FX200. The rest of the digital shots were photos of Fitzand and some other snapshots of my family during the Hong Kong trip. Don’t ask me why but I think I’ve really lost the patience to sit in front of the computer Photoshop-ping photos. Anyway … here are the photos … Recently I wrote a simple review on the Lomography Diana+/F+… >> read more

Game Over etc.

Written by • May 1st, 2009 • Category: Fun with film
Game Over Took me quite a while to make this decision to finally give up on my Lensbaby Diary project. Life has got much busier and I can’t afford to continue taking a Lensbaby a photo a day. Lugging my DSLR to work is getting to taxing because I’ll need to carry my notebook bag, a camera bag as well as Fitzand’s school back when I pick him up from childcare. It’s pretty sad that I have to abort this project at least for this year. It was fun for… >> read more

HK + LCA + Xpro

Written by • Apr 26th, 2009 • Category: Fun with film
A roll of Lomo slides fed to my LC-A+ during my recent Hong Kong trip. I’ve been way too lazy to scan them. Haha. I think I might have another roll of negatives from that trip … just gotta go hunt for it in my drawer and scan it. Weather was a little crazy during that trip. One minute it was gloomy and the next … it was bright like crazy. I wasn’t sure if loading that roll of ISO100 film was a good idea on certain occasions when a… >> read more

NATURAlly HK : Pt. 1

Written by • Apr 8th, 2009 • Category: Fun with film
First set of photos from two rolls of Natura 1600 film that I emptied in Hong Kong. One of them is a 24 exposure roll which I left in the camera for quite a while already. Surprisingly … some of those shots I took in pretty low light condition and thought would definitely be blurred due to handshake … turned out okay! All those aching arms from carrying Fitzand finally pays off. Now my arms are like fat tripods! Here are some that I managed to scan last night. Will… >> read more

Hong Kong Randoms #1

Written by • Apr 6th, 2009 • Category: Fun with film
My first roll of randoms taken last week in Hong Kong. These are taken using my Lomo LC-A+ with a roll of Tungsten 160 film (cross processed). Not my first time trying out tungsten film but the first time the photos look acceptable (to me). The previous roll of T160 film I took in Malaysia some months ago … sucked bad! Couldn’t find no Instax film inside. Duh! Just props! A short drizzle didn’t spoil the fun My favorite double exposure shot Confrontation. It was amusing seeing how this guy… >> read more

Instant Diana in HK

Written by • Apr 2nd, 2009 • Category: Fun with film
I tried very hard to finish scanning all the photos taken using the Diana F+ camera with the new Instax back … but I think I am falling asleep soon. Will just stop here for the night eventhough I do not have many shots left to scan. Took some medication for allergy and the darn label says it might cause drowsiness. Damn. Wonder why they don’t have such warnings on beer bottles eh? Taken during arrival in HK … the virgin shot! Do I look like some freaky alien? I… >> read more

New Sound

Written by • Apr 2nd, 2009 • Category: Toys
While in Hong Kong, I fell in love with a new set of in-ear buds and convinced myself to buy it as there was a discount offer at the store. It is a pair of Beats designed from Monster Cable’s headphone collaboration with Dr. Dre (I’m a fan!) and since I wanted a compact one, the Tour in-ear version was perfect. Tried it on for a while and the pair of Phillips one I had was history. Like what Dre said “they’ll deliver sound so big, you’ll think you’ve got… >> read more