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The 30 Seconds Boogie

Written by • Jan 25th, 2010 • Category: Lead Story
Just the other day, Fitzand was listening to some CD from his Kindermusic class (the kiddos get to groove to the music every Thursday!) and asked me for his sunglasses. Next he grabbed that blanket-like thingie that he wore on the first day he came home from the hospital after being born. Cool. Now the blanket (there should be a right name for that thingie but I’m just too stupid to remember) becomes part of his stage costume. 😀 Well he didn’t perform too long, so I only have this… >> read more

Deja-vu! He Is Back!

Written by • Oct 5th, 2009 • Category: Digital stuffs
Ever since I sold off my Fujifilm F200EXR, I’ve been left without a pocketable compact camera (I’ve a Lumix water/shock proof cam but that’s more for rough use (or Fitzand’s use) and the photos from it kinda sucks) and after messing around with a friend’s Ricoh GRD 3 … I used the $ from the F200EXR sale plus a couple of other cams I sold recently … to purchase a GRD 3. It’s like deja-vu when I opened up the box and held the camera in my hands. Yeah …… >> read more