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Upsized Me

Written by • Dec 14th, 2009 • Category: Digital stuffs
I grew up in Malaysia and now that I’ve settled down in Singapore … the only thing I miss much is definitely the food. Not that we do not have any yummies here in Singapore but those local food here (in my opinion) ain’t as good as those available there. During our trip there last week, of course we did not have to think twice about adding some inches to our waists by shoving some of those food down our throats. Many thanks to my brother and buddies in KL… >> read more

Pano Penang

Written by • Mar 10th, 2009 • Category: Digital stuffs
Bored and tired tonight. Tried scanning a roll of Tunsten film I took recently but lost all mood after a few frames. Something about it seems to make me not wanna continue scanning. Nevermind. I’ll try again some other day. [Click here to view the pano] Decided to do up this pano using photos I took during during my short cruise vacation some months ago. It was taken from onboard the cruise because we were not interested to check out Penang, so I took some shots and proceeded to the… >> read more