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Fun, Cold, Poison : Day 1

Written by • Apr 24th, 2010 • Category: Digital stuffs
* This was supposed to be published this morning but in a rush to go grab breakfast … I forgot to click the ‘Publish’ button. Anyway … here it is … Since the two piggies are still sleeping, I’ll take the chance to post up some snapshots taken yesterday … the first day here in Tokyo. I do not have any decent photo editing software with me, so I just had to make do with GIMP (it was hell using it for the 1st time). Well … these were mostly… >> read more

Digital Poison 2

Written by • Nov 11th, 2009 • Category: Toys
Not too long after the cute Digital Harinezumi was causing lots of drooling within the low-fi/toy camera community … out comes some rumours about a new version of it. Those guys from Four Corners Dark has just released official details about this new Digital Harinezumi 2. It now features sound recording capability as well as a new 3mp sensor. Other details about it are … Increased sensitivity to indoor lighting Close up/macro mode now goes as close as 4cm (Damn! This is tempting!!!) Moriyama black & white style (Argh! I… >> read more