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Black Peppered 120

Written by • Apr 2nd, 2010 • Category: Fun with film
Do you guys ever feel like you’re neglecting some of your cameras that you used to love? I do. Recently I had this weird feeling that I’ve been neglecting my Holga and thus loaded a long expired roll of Agfa Portrait into it. As some of you might know, I’m extremely busy recently trying to spend lots of time with my boy, trying to get him used to life without the *##@*&!@*&!! maid of mine … and so being trigger happy is quite a torture at the moment. Oh that… >> read more

I Love My Bicycle!

Written by • Mar 28th, 2010 • Category: Digital stuffs
Another lovely Sunday spent with my family. Woke up early to bring Fitzand to the park for his regular run/cycle outing before settling down for breakfast. Fingers felt a little itchy, so I brought along my Harinezumi 2 for some random video captures. Unfortunately the rechargable battery was a little cranky … it suddenly died even while the battery indicator was showing full bar. A few attempts to resurrect it failed … and it was soon showing an empty battery indicator. Duh! I forgot to bring alone my other rechargable… >> read more