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Oh Yucks! [Updated]

Written by • Mar 3rd, 2010 • Category: Others
UPDATE Oh yeah! Looks like this is the real thing and only 130 of them are available at … € 500.00 each!!! OMG! Get yours today!!! Muwahaha! After the recent launch of the mystery product (although not a mystery anymore because of some leak about it … thanks to Patrick :P) which is the Instant Back for the LC-A+/LC-A, Lomography seemed to have another toy ready to poison the world. This time … they also got the fans to guess the mystery product … The little bits of images to… >> read more

1st Holga, then Diana F+ & now this?

Written by • Oct 22nd, 2009 • Category: Others
I’m sure we all know about the colorful Holga and the recent Diana F+ CMYK … the candy colored plastic toy cameras. It is very strange (and funny) to see Pentax following the footsteps and introducing their own candy colored DSLR. Yeah … a real DSLR! Inspired by the Kore Ja Nai robo toy, this limited edition of 100 units (for Japan only) camera is definitely gonna get all the attention when you use it on the streets. For events where a DSLR is not allowed … I’m sure the… >> read more

Food Play

Written by • Jul 9th, 2009 • Category: Digital stuffs
I was munching cashew nuts a while ago (with a can of ice cold beer) and something struck my mind. I was suddenly ‘transported’ back to few years ago when I loved ‘messing around’ with food and take photos of them. For a moment … I stared at the nuts and some crazy ideas brewed in my mind. Oh no! I’m not sure if I’ll get into that bad habit of messing with food and taking ‘weird’ photos of them like I used to back then (in 2007). So I… >> read more

Infrared With G6

Written by • May 31st, 2009 • Category: Digital stuffs
The last time I took IR photographs was probably using a Canon 20D modified by some experts and I’ve never touched IR since because I sold the camera off. The 20D wasn’t my first IR camera. I (foolishly & bravely) modified 2 units of Canon G2 before but sold them off to friends later on. As I was cleaning my cabinet, I found an old Canon G6 and thought I could maybe try modifying it for IR too. Usually doing such modification is one bloody risky business. I will need… >> read more