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Unmasking Negativity : How?

Written by • Oct 17th, 2011 • Category: Fun with film
‘Unmasking Negativity : The Truth Beneath’ is part of the ‘Impossible Lessons’ exhibition where a handful of people get to showcase and share special ‘tricks’ and experiments done using the Impossible Project films and Spectra cameras. I was pretty lost in the beginning … not knowing what to do and neither had I any experiment in mind. Doing stuffs like double exposures seemed a little too common … so I decided to take a risk (and waste lots of film) and try something different. Perhaps it was just luck that… >> read more

PX680 : The Last Few

Written by • Apr 20th, 2011 • Category: Fun with film
My pack of Impossible Project’s PX680 Color Shade beta test film is finally empty after these. 🙁 Do I wanna buy more of these later? Hmm … I’m dying to finish the last 6 shots on my LC-A+ but somehow it seems very difficult lately. Hahahaha! Noreen would say ‘no soul!’ for sure. Anyway … I’m looking forward to the outing to the zoo with some friends on World Pinhole day. Hope I can fire a couple of rolls (120) on the Multi Pinhole Operator that day.… >> read more

Blessed PX680

Written by • Apr 10th, 2011 • Category: Fun with film
Met up with an ex-colleague today for a quick beer (which ended up with ermm … quite a lot of beer in quite a little bit of time) and managed to whip out my Polaroid cammie for 2 test shots with a pack of the Impossible Project’s PX680 Color Shade beta test film … courtesy of the famous Cyanwater. Somehow after my several disappointing results (most my fault) with the Impossible film … the first 2 shots from this pack seemed to make me go ‘whoa! yeah!’. I know it… >> read more