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I tried very hard to finish scanning all the photos taken using the Diana F+ camera with the new Instax back … but I think I am falling asleep soon. Will just stop here for the night eventhough I do not have many shots left to scan. Took some medication for allergy and the darn label says it might cause drowsiness. Damn. Wonder why they don’t have such warnings on beer bottles eh?

Taken during arrival in HK … the virgin shot!

Do I look like some freaky alien?

I think I was a bit too trigger happy with the camera + Instax back. Burned too many packs of film but I loved the fun of using it eventhough it’s quite a challenge using it in the bright daylight. Sometimes even at the ‘sunny’ aperture setting … the photos get overexposed. Maybe I’ll write more about what I think (about the Instax back) later tomorrow when I’m done scanning the remaining few shots.

My favourite shot at the carousel …

Errrm … fireworks at Disney! (no … you don’t need a darn tripod!)

My favourite shot in Mongkok …

Can you see my panda? It’s a real panda!

The rest of the photos are here …


  1. hi ndrroo!

    How do you do that ? I got the instant back too but only black polas… What am I missing ?
    Yu set your diana, shoot withtthe diana and after press the instant button right ?
    BTW the picz witht the fisheye lens are awesome 🙂

  2. @Fabyen : What do you mean by ‘black polas’? Completely dark images? The instant back is pretty simple to operation. Just take a photo with the Diana camera like you would usually do, then press the cute round button behind. YOu’ll have to make sure the power switch is on though. The instant back will then ‘spit’ out a photo. I have a few completely dark images too … because I screwed up the exposures when I tried taking night shots. Ouch.

  3. OMG!!!!!! this is so damn nice!!!!!!!!!!!!! your self portrait is very nice as well but scary looking…
    and you look so damn funny in that alienated picture head of yours… whahahha

  4. self-potrait FTW! lol

  5. i noticed ndroo taking alot of self-pot these days.. lol.

  6. nice job on those instax…:)
    gosh how many boxes did u use man??!!

  7. @quaisoir : Thanks. How many boxes? Errr … I try not to count. LOL. I do have quite many that turned out ‘dead’ … either underexposed or overexposed. 🙁

  8. @ymmij : Self-pots eh? LOL. Yeah. I do that when I’m bored and when I can’t go outside to play.

  9. nice shots! but must have burned a hole in your pocket, HA!

  10. I did exactly what you said… maybe it was just too dark, though I was in my home with all the lights turned on… I’ll try outside this week-end or inside with a flash…

  11. The ‘Fresh’ self-portrait is brilliant.
    Awesome, man.

  12. @wenlin : Thanks. Yeah, Instax is addictive but pricey.

    @fabyen : For indoors, maybe try flash or long exposures instead

    @arifin : Thanks 😀

  13. […] It has been quite some months already since my short vacation in Hong Kong and these few leftover Instax shots from my Diana Instant Back has been waiting patiently for me to scan and upload them. Yeah … just these 7 shots that I left out when I was scanning the earlier batch. Check out the earlier batch here. […]

  14. hey, where can i buy the instant back from in singapore?

  15. @dean : I’ve no idea where u can find it here but u can check out shops like Ruby or Objektifs. They should have it.

  16. @dean yes i got it at Objektifs for SGD$170..

  17. @Dee An : Cool. Thanks for the info.

  18. @ndroo where do you normally purchase your instax film? do u buy it in bulk?

  19. @Dee An : I get mine from but not in bulk … errr … if you don’t consider buying 10 packs of them as bulk. I’m out of instax film now too … 🙁

  20. @ndroo oh ok if u wanna get more instax film u can let me noe.. i sell instax too.. can give you good price if u want..

  21. @Dee An : Maybe you can drop me an email about the pricing?

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