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First set of photos from two rolls of Natura 1600 film that I emptied in Hong Kong. One of them is a 24 exposure roll which I left in the camera for quite a while already. Surprisingly … some of those shots I took in pretty low light condition and thought would definitely be blurred due to handshake … turned out okay! All those aching arms from carrying Fitzand finally pays off. Now my arms are like fat tripods!

Here are some that I managed to scan last night. Will continue the scanning tonight.

and my favourite from this set …


  1. would have been better with a natura camera.. ~evil~

  2. @ymmij : I used the Klasse W. Hehe. You mean the Natura black? Nah. I tried that camera but it doesn’t seem to feel good to me, thus I sold it. Hehe. I can live with f2.8 instead of f1.9. For DOF … I’ll be using my f1.4 lens on my SLR instead. Hehe.

  3. your fav is my fav too … FAT TRIPOD!!! lol

  4. i love the beauty & the beast shot … so romantic~

  5. @norya : Thanks

    @carrie : Thanks. Yeah the lighting at that section is neat too.

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