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Came across this website and thought maybe I can share it with everyone. It’s a website simply titled ‘Tokyo Camera Style’ and as the name suggests … in it are photos of cameras used by people all over Tokyo. From these photos, it is very obvious that film is very much alive in Japan and these beautiful and great cameras are real eye candy.

“Cameras are wonderful little machines.
In Tokyo they are expressions of personal taste and private sensibilities. The relationship one has with their cameras often affects their approach to making a photograph. We are at the point where people who shoot film do simply because they choose to, and the Photo Culture of Tokyo is full of film camera users. When I meet them out on the streets I’ll ask to photograph their camera, and post it here.”

It will be quite hard to do such a ‘project’ here in Singapore. Most of the people out there are now jumping on the DSLR bandwagon and going ‘it looks cool to use a DSLR’. Really. I’ve had one too many people asking me about buying a DSLR and telling me the reason they are looking for one is because either ‘it looks cool to be using one’ or ‘I saw that ad that says this DSLR can take great photos like a pro’. Oh well … I still think using a Holga or Diana is way cooler and I double those ads are telling the truth.

I still miss walking into some of those camera shops in Tokyo and drool over those tons of different films stacked on display. Haha. Can’t wait til my next trip there and stock up some pretty rare (in Singapore) film.

Check out Tokyo Camera Style HERE.


  1. Thanks for sharing the site! Oh well, I have friends who couldn’t understand y I didn’t jus spend my money on a DSLR instead. They figured it will be cheaper than film in the long run so much more “wu hua”.. so there. It’s a singaporean thing…

  2. @irorus : U r most welcome. Glad to know a die-hard analogue user here in Singapore.

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