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Finally a parcel that doesn’t contain any photography related item arrived at my office. In it are three CDs that I bought from because I’ve given up hunting for them here. It’s really strange that Jewel’s ‘Perfectly Clear’ album is nowhere to be found in those big and small music stores I’ve been to. They do stock up all her previous albums and I don’t see why this one has been left out. Because she did mostly country music in this album?

Anyway … I finished listening to all the tracks on ‘Perfectly Clear’ at work today. Ahem! I was multi-tasking and work was still done proper … ok? Hahaha. I’ve been a big fan of hers since her first album and I can’t forget that wonderful concert of hers that I went to with my wife. Talented & beautiful lady she is! In this album, she ventured into country music and being a country music fan (thanks to my dad), I absolutely love this CD. The other CD by Jewel is a collection of slow acoustic sweet songs in an album perfectly titled ‘Lullaby’. It has around 10 original tracks and few other songs like ‘Twinkle twinkle little star’. Yeah … that song! Hahaha! I’ve never though that song can sound so beautiful until I heard Jewel’s version of it.

The third CD is one that I’ve been hunting for quite a while … Blue October’s old album ‘The Answers’. I own the other old albums but this is the elusive one. Justin Furstenfeld sounds a little different back then. He sounds more soothing back then. The words are raw and deep and as someone mentioned in a review … ‘The lyrics are raw, so much so that you feel as though you are surrounded by them‘. If you haven’t heard of them … it’s time to check out their CDs!

One favourite track of mine is called ‘Breakfast After Ten’. It is also in the track list of their ‘Argue With A Tree’ live album. The acoustic version in the ‘The Answers’ album is the kind of song you’d love to listen to with the lights off with just a couple of candles lighting up the room.

White kitchen walls with a thousand windows
Turn on Winston in the den
And I’m still asleep but I can hear the piano
When you make breakfast after 10
And I smell the coffee on your fingers
I still smell the perfume in the bed
The crushed linen roses on everything
And you’re still inside my head

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