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Fitzand has just fell asleep after a couple of hours of playing in his room and I suddenly thought of taking some snapshots of his little room. As you can see from the photos below … his room is filled with lots of stickers of animals and such. He loves animals (at least toy and cartoon versions of them) and that’s all because of the movie Madagascar. You can also see a couple of Madagascar posters on the walls … one of them sent to me by Rachel who happened to read about Fitzand’s obsession with Madagascar characters (and the Move It song!).

Okay … I admit I took these photos because I was ‘inspired’ by something really funny (at least to me & his mommy). Look at the photo below … it has some stickers of birds, squirrel, rabbit and butterflies. Just the other day, Fitzand was standing in front of it and suddenly started pointing at them. He pointed at the big blue bird on the left and said that is ‘daddy!’ … yeah yeah … I’m a big fat bird … then he’ll say that the little birdies in the nest is ‘Fitzand!’ … and mommy will be the blue bird right above the nest. Then he’ll proceed and point at the other bird and butterflies and start ‘naming’ them according to some of my friends. Hahaha! We were laughing our heads off already when he ran out of butterflies and started telling us that the green leaves are called ‘Brocolli!’.

It’s kinda funny … the girls get to be ‘assigned’ to the butterflies and Jimmy (the guy on 8storeytree who poisons me with cameras) gets to be the squirrel on the tree.

A colleague of mine got to be the rabbit while his wife was lucky enough to be the pink butterfly beside him. What puzzled us was why did he name the rabbit on top of the tree … ‘Uncle Lim’? We tried hard to figure out why for a while … and then we finally realised why …

Muwahahha! Ooops! He’ll probably kill me for this but then … errr … ok ok … maybe he is cute like the rabbit.


  1. Wah so cute eh…

  2. @M : I’ll tell him u said he’s cute. I’m sure you will get a big fat bonus come this year end 😛

  3. Wooo…looks fun! I love children playrooms!

  4. OO.. squirrel?

  5. @Jer : Oh yeah … kids’ rooms are always full of surprises

    @ymmij : So sorry you’ll have to make do with a squirrel. I haven’t found a camel sticker yet. Need a tiger sticker to go with it?

  6. LOL… he never name me… hmphhh… whahha.. mr chin… lol

  7. @norya : U did get to be ‘assigned’ to one of the butterflies. I think it’s the blue one. LOL

  8. … the squirrel is holding something, probably fitzand figured the squirrel’s doing some delivery to the papa bird… muahahahaha…

  9. @ymmij : But … but … I am damn sure if we meet this weekend … it will be the other way round right? Muwahaha. Papa bird will be the one doing delivery to you. 😛

  10. Lucky rabbit! Thank you fitz !

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