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I must have been living in some cave! I didn’t know Microsoft has this Zune portable media-player that has been out since 2006!!!!

Just read that Microsoft announced the new let’s-try-kill-ipod-touch Zune HD and it does look pretty neat.

The Zune HD will be using an OLED (organic light-emitting diode) touch screen with a resolution of 480×272. So what’s the HD all about? What it actually means is that there will be a separate dock that allows you to output to a HDTV. Hmm …  now that HD in the name can definitely fool some into thinking the screen is of HD eh?

It will run on Windows CE and that is one reason why I won’t be considering trading my iPod Touch 32GB for one of these. Don’t ask me why. I’ve had one too many frustrations using mobiles with Windoze in it. Maybe I’m wrong but I’ll just wait til the day Apple launches some cooler iPod.

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